2020's Most Stylish Tattoo Trends, Says Chrissy Teigen and Lady Gaga's Artist

There's a lot of tattoo inspiration out there these days, with Instagram and Pinterest making it easier to find than ever, but with nearly 500k followers who are enthralled by his signature freehand single needle style, Winter Stone tattoo artist Daniel Winter is setting all the trends. His work is highly sought-after, with a year-long waiting list, and in addition to Chrissy Teigen and Lady Gaga, his client roster includes Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas, Miley Cyrus, Matt Damon, and Demi Lovato, just to name a few. One look at his striking black and white Instagram feed and you'll see that his work is delicate, artistic, and personal. You'll also see that he's set plenty of design and style trends with his work, and even partnered with Doctor Rogers on a limited edition tattoo healing balm (shoppable below).
Given Stone's expertise and my own love of small single-needle tattoos, I was quite interested to hear from the artist himself what 2020's biggest tattoo trends are. Obviously, at this time, no one is getting tattoos, but I have a hunch that plenty of you are planning your post-quarantine ones, and I hope this will provide you with some inspiration.
Scroll to find out which five stylish tattoos Daniel Winter says are huge in 2020 and just for fun, shop some pieces that show off popular tattoo placements.
The Trend: Trees
"Tree tattoos have become increasingly popular, people love getting trees as a symbol of growth and their family roots!"
Tree tattoo
Winter Stone tattoo
2020 Tattoo trends

The Trend: Hearts
"Tattooing hearts on customers is a huge trend at the moment, specifically for my freehand designs because everyone's heart is unique."
 Heart finger tattoo
Daniel Winter tattoo
What tattoo to get

The Trend: Names
"Whether it's a son, daughter, mom, or dad, name tattoos are all very special and powerful."

Name tattoo
Delicate tattoo

Name tattoo inspiration

The Trend: Dots
"A dot—or several dots—is a great example of a small tattoo that carries a powerful meaning behind them."

Finger tattoo trend

Fine line tattoo

Dot tattoo

The Trend: Stars
"Stars are very popular at the moment, and special in the way that they are all different and hold special meanings to people."

Single needle tattoo

Star tattoos
Dot tattoo

Shooting star tattoo

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