Bepannaah: Woha! Jennifer and Harshad re – unite once again.. Harshad gives details!

MUMBAI: Colors’ show Bepannah was one the most loved and cherished ones on television. For the first time, it brought Jennifer Winget and Harshad Chopra together on-screen. Their pair became the most loved pair on television. Both actors have a massive fan following.

Unfortunately, the show ended abruptly, and fans still miss it. Soon the show will complete 2 years and one wonders if there is a possibility of a reunion happening, Harshad while interacting with the media threw a light if the reunion is happening or not.
Harshad was asked about the possibility of a reunion, and the actor said, he doesn’t have any idea, as he spoke to the director after he had received awards and he had told that they will be throwing up a party soon, but since everyone is busy there is no confirmation about the same.
 He then mentioned how he is overwhelmed people loved his character so much but that also means that for his future projects, he has to TOP it, he said to match a character like Aditya it’s very difficult and he will wait until then.
He further said that he would love to work to Jenny again as she had been a wonderful co-star to work with, and if this reunion party happens it will be a good opportunity to catch up with her.
 There is no doubt that the fans miss this JODI and they wish to see them on screen soon.

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