Entrepreneurs combat stress to maintain mental health

An entrepreneur has been described as someone who passionately and creatively pursues an idea from concept to actualization as a result of a discovered need or challenge in the market. The extraordinary impact entrepreneurs have on our world economy, it’s critically important they operate in a state of optimum emotional and relational health.

According to this study, approximately one half (49%) of entrepreneurs suffer from at least one form of mental health condition during their lifetimes. These include ADHD, bipolar disorder and a host of addictive disorders. Whether you’re self-employed or in charge of a team, you’re not expected to be an expert in mental health.

Coronavirus and the steps we need to take to protect ourselves and others it can be easy to forget that your mental health is just as important as your physical. We have tips to help you check in with yourself.

Here’s some guidance on what you can do to look after your mental health, and who you can contact for help:
·     Don’t believe in the rumours It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the constant stream of news. Take breaks if it’s affecting you.
If you’re self-isolating, working from home or changing business practices, it can be challenging to adapt to a new routine. Try and stay connected with your teams and business partners through different media for the updates and strategies.
·        Make time for hobbies you enjoy – it can help you to relax and take your mind off things. Learning a new skill, to build confidence. Try to keep a regular routine as much as possible.
·        Taking care of our physical health can help how we feel. Stay well rested, eat balanced meals keep hydrated and keep active as much as possible. If you feel able to, activities like stretching, yoga, meditation or breathing exercises can help relieve stress.
·        Stay connected with your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours, and let them know you’re there. Even a simple text can go a long way, especially if they are self-isolating. Many small businesses are like families, so building these support networks can make a big difference for your staff.
·        If feeling stressed or anxious, it’s important to talk to someone you trust, also talk to a professional if you feel you need help.

·        If you have any medical history or on medication, please ensure to continue your medication as per your physician’ advice. Don’t panic and rush to the hospitals for normal infections and took advice from the experts.

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