Friday, March 27, 2020

From silver wigs to sheriff badges: this week’s fashion trends

Andy Warhol paints the Statue of Liberty in Paris, France on April 22nd, 1986

Going up

Francesca Bellettini Sure, the chief exec has increased Saint Laurent earnings. She’s also serious hairspo for the curl-inclined.
Time and tide Launching 1 April, Triwa’s new range of watches are made from recycled ocean plastic, in colours including “seaweed” (green) and “seal” (grey). Timely!
Silver From wigs to walls to balloons, pay homage to Warhol’s favourite colour until the Tate’s exhibition reopens.
Winemaking Vegan leather alternative Vegea™ – featured in H&M’s recently launched SS20 Conscious Exclusive collection – can be made from the byproduct. Cheers to that!
Sheriff badges The Versace version, we mean, featuring a Medusa head motif. Law enforcement… but make it fashion?

Katy Perry performing at the Super Bowl half time show, 2015


Going down

‘Micro bag’ We’re bringing back “reticule”, the 18th-century name for a small handbag.

Left Shark Replaced by Right Bat, after Katy Perry’s batty show at the Women’s Cricket World Cup final in Oz.

Destiny’s Child Now terrifying, thanks to the trailer for the latest Candyman film. Say my name, say my name…

Sitting pretty Models at Area’s AW20 show accessorised with bedazzled mini chairs on chains. That’s right, chairs on chains.

Babyccinos Kid’s herbal tea range Small & Wild is now in Fortnum & Mason. Start ’em young.

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