Riverdale: From unexpected love affairs to sinister crimes, 5 reasons to watch the teen drama

Pinkvilla Picks: Riverdale: From unexpected love affairs to sinister crimes, 5 reasons to watch the teen drama
Riverdale: From unexpected love affairs to sinister crimes, 5 reasons to watch the teen drama

Set in the town of Riverdale, the titular series is a mind buster that should be a must in your watchlist. The show revolves around four characters Archie, Betty, Jughead, and Veronica who form the backbone of Riverdale. Being teenagers, together they try to unfold the sinister crimes happening in their town amidst the unexpected love triangles, personal grudges, family ties, and much more. The show begins with the news of Jason Blossom's death. While everyone wants to know who killed Jason Blossom, there are 5 other reasons why we should watch the teen drama.

Intriguing characters:

From passive Betty Cooper to challenging Veronica Lodge, geeky Jughead Jones, heartthrob Archie Andrews, and troublemaker Cheryl Blossom, Riverdale is nothing less than a fun-filled rollercoaster ride. Sassy mean girl one-liners, spine-chilling twists in the plot and the charisma of the central characters form the Riverdale starter pack. Besides the mains, supporting characters Fred Andrews, Josie McCoy, Kevin Keller, Alice Cooper, Hermione,  Hiram Lodge, and others to take the story forward and leave the audience biting their nails.

A perfect blend of fun and drama:

Riverdale is no ordinary teenage drama. Sure, it's love triangles and college romance but it also sees murders, crimes, drug pedaling, family drama and so much more. While it has all things fancy and dreamy about the romance between Betty and Jughead, Archie and Veronica, the show also has a dark side which has Betty unleashing her unseen grey character, Fred and Alice's past, Hiram Lodge and Hermoine's hidden truth, and Cheryl Blossom's evil plans. To top it all, the big murder mystery that all of them have got to unfold.

Sizzling romance:

Be it Archie and Veronica's kiss in the closet, their steamy shower scene, Hermoine and Fred's lovemaking scene, Betty and Jughead's bathtub kiss, Archie’s forbidden love affair with Miss Grundy and more, Riverdale is high on sizzling romance.

Incredibly good looking cast:

The time when K.J. Apa removed his shirt, the ladies were found swooning in front of their screens. You'd surely experience it too once you start watching it too. Moving on to Camila Mendes, the starlet took over the screen with her sass the moment she appeared in the frame. Lili Reinhart's simplicity speaks to the audience and her occasional wild spirited characteristics prove shes a babe! Cole Sprouse needs no introduction as we know he is every girl's crush. So if you're looking for an interesting plot with good faces, Riverdale is your perfect pick.

The foot-tapping music:

Archie’s guitar tunes were enough to lure the viewers while Josie and the Pussycats were like a cherry on the top. Besides their fresh music, the catchy songs playing in the background score too give the audience an adrenaline boost. Believer, Young Blood, Cherry Bomb, Mad World, Fear Nothing, Dance Dance Dance, Trouble, and the list goes on.

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