Thursday, April 23, 2020

After Duo, Google Meet rolls out new features for seamless work-from-home video experience

Google Duo recently brought out new features. Google Meet followed suit and rolled out its own set of most requested features to the app.

(Source: Google)

Google, in a blog post, announced that Google Meet has brought in four most requested features to its platform. This development came days after Google Duo rolled out new features to its platform.
Director of Product Management, Smita Hashim, in a blog post, said, "These features use technologies like Google AI to improve meeting quality and user experience."
Now, Google Meet is used mainly for work-related purposes, and with work-from-home culture slowly becoming a norm, the app has brought in some developments. Read on to find out more.
Tiled layouts: Google Meet is coming up with tiled layouts which will enable its user to view 16 people at a time. Initially, only four people could be viewed at a time. The blog read that there are more updates slated which will enable larger meetings, come with better presentation layouts and they will support more devices.
"Present a Chrome Tab" in high quality: Users can present high-quality videos on a remote meeting by using the "Present a Chrome Tab" option. Users can give a presentation by selecting "Present Now" in the bottom right corner after joining a meeting. This will enable a user to have more content on what he is sharing as initially the entire screen would be shared with the rest of the participants on Meet.

Alternatively, you can select an entire screen or a window. To share a chrome tab, you can select "change source" at the bottom of your screen to present a different tab. Select the content you want to share. Click on Share.
To stop presenting, click on "Stop Presenting" on the bottom right.

Low-light mode: Sometimes, the lighting at one's house may not be ideal for a meeting. Users can adjust their light settings to make them appear more visible in sub-optimal lighting settings. This feature is currently available for mobile users and will come out for web users at a later stage. Meet Now users AI for adjusting the light.

Noise cancellation: Background sounds can be disturbing while working from home. To solve this issue, Meet Now has come up with a feature called noise cancellation. Noise cancellation features will be rolled out to GSuite enterprise and G Suite enterprise for education users. This feature will first be able for mobile users and later for mobile users.

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