Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Lady Gaga: 5 Unforgettable and Outrageous Fashion Outings

Some of her most unforgettable outrageous appearances
Lady Gaga turns 34 now. The American singer-songwriter learnt to play piano at the age of four and by 17 got enrolled in a New York City’s music school. Gaga or Mother Monster as fans call her, has won an Academy Award beside 11 Grammys to her name.
In 2012, she started the ‘Born This Way Foundation’, which works with young people to build kinder communities and improve mental health resources.
Known for producing some of the best-selling and record surpassing music singles, Gaga’s writings are stated as timeless, emotional, gritty and earnest by Billboard.
Apart from her music, she has emerged as the undisputed pioneer in the world of fashion with her eccentric style. "I dress this way all the time because it inspires my life, my whole life is art and my whole life is performance, “she told in an interview.
Gaga’s music videos and fashion, never fail to take you by surprise, from bubbles to blood, you can expect her to step out in anything.
Today on her birthday, we bring you some of her most unforgettable outrageous appearances:
The ‘Meat’ Dress
Even after the world has witnessed Gaga’s public outings in extremely strange things, this will remain in memory for many generations to come. At the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, Lady Gaga came dressed in raw beef meat.

A sea urchin
The Born This Way star made another jaw-dropping appearance in 2014 at the 'VIP ROOM' Club. Gaga turned heads in Paris when she came as a sea urchin donning inflatable spiky stick outs.

Date with a frog
Gaga took the world by a surprise as this time her fashion obsession was an amphibian!
For a TV show, she came in this Jean-Charles de Castelbajac creation. She turned head-to-toe in this Muppet-covered as a tribute to the famous frog, Kermit.

Today 8 years ago Lady Gaga used this iconic dress with stuffed animals from Kermit The Frog.
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Your Majesty
When the songstress surprised everybody and turned the street into a ramp. Dressed in feathers, she certainly did make heads turn.
Space Invader
In 2010, Gaga attended the 52nd edition of Grammy Awards in a stunning ensemble. With bright yellow tresses and her signature superfluous high heels, Gaga came in an absolute extraterrestrial mode at the event.

Happy Birthday, Lady Gaga!

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