Friday, April 24, 2020

MG Motor India Offers Its Workshops To Sanitise Police Vehicles Post Lockdown

MG Motor India has announced a new initiative to sanitise police vehicles at its service workshops post lockdown. Dealers will sanitise the Police vehicles irrespective of its brand, make or model, and it will be offered free-of-cost.

MG Motor India will sanitise the Police vehicles irrespective of its brand, make or model, free-of-cost

Acknowledging the efforts of our Police forces who have been fighting coronavirus crisis on the frontlines, MG India has decided to offer its service workshops to sanitise their vehicles. Post the end of the ongoing lockdown, Police teams can take their patrolling vehicles, irrespective of its brand, make or model, to an authorised MG service workshop and get them completely sanitised. The service will be provided to the Police Force free-of-cost.

MG Motor India will start the initiative post lockdown when the service workshops will become operational

The announcement was exclusively made on our latest episode of 'Freewheeling With SVP' by Rajeev Chaba, President and Managing Director, MG Motor India, who said, "Once we start our workshops, hopefully, post lockdown, we plan to sanitise Police jeeps and vehicles in our workshop. One sanitisation process will cost us approximately ₹ 1000. We'll ask our dealers to entertain any Police vehicle, to sanitise their vehicles, because again they are the frontend warriors, and do it for the whole month of May." Chaba says that the whole initiative would cost around ₹ 25 lakh and it will be incurred by MG Motor India and not the dealers.

Earlier today, Morris Garages India has also announced deploying 100 MG Hector SUVs across India to be used for the transportation of doctors, medical staff, police and local government officials for community service, till the end of May 2020. All the cars would be provided along with fuel and drivers and they will be supplied via MG's nationwide network of dealers during the lockdown as per state government rules.
One sanitisation process for a vehicle will cost approximately ₹ 1000

Additionally, MG Motor has also donated ventilators and distributed Health and Hygiene Kits, PPE kits, Surgical Masks, Gloves, Sanitizers, Sanitizer Sprayers, Food and Ration Kits to combat the coronavirus threat. MG India has already pledged ₹ 2 crore towards medical aid and has announced Affordable Ventilator Challenge, offering ₹ 10 lakh to anyone who comes up with a cost-effective ventilator to help treat coronavirus patients. MG India has announced its plan to create a 100-member women's hostel near the Halol plant in Gujarat, offering accommodation to the company's associate-level female employees along with housekeeping, food, and transportation facilities.

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