16 new Covid cases in China, fears of 2nd wave

China reported one new coronavirus case and 15 asymptomatic infections, a day after a fresh COVID-19 cluster emerged in Wuhan, where the virus first emerged. China's National Health Commission on Tuesday said one imported case was recorded in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on Monday while no local infections were reported. 

Chinese experts are reassuring the public over concerns regarding a potential second wave of the epidemic, after clustered infections of COVID-19 have re-emerged in two provinces, state-run Global Times reported on Tuesday. 

The experts called such sporadic cases as normal for major infectious diseases. Despite the increasing number of new infection cases, Chinese medical experts said that clustered infections in Wuhan, Hubei Province and Shulan, Jilin Province are sporadic and don't imply a second wave is looming. 

After the clustered infections emerged, officials from both Jilin and Hubei provinces are ramping up efforts to trace close contacts while adopting lockdown measures to contain the infection from spreading to wider regions, the report said. Since Sunday, Wuhan has reported a total of six new cases of COVID-19, all of which are from the same local community. 

The death toll from coronavirus in China remains at 4,633 with fatalities last reported on Monday, while the total number of cases increased to 82,919, including 115 patients still undergoing treatment in hospital. -- PTI

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