Ballia: Corona explosion, 16 cases found in one day

बलिया में 16 कोरोना पॉजिटिव मिलने से हड़कंप

Ballia: After nearly six days of peace, a sudden corona explosion occurred in Ballia on Monday. With this, the number of positive cases has increased from 14 to 30. Due to this, there is an atmosphere of panic in the whole district.

The number of corona infections increased drastically after 16 new positive reports came late in the evening. In every report that came after May 19, people were feeling very relieved by being a negative patient, but 16 positive cases have shaken everyone. There is an atmosphere of panic in the district due to increasing number of patients. In the sample sent from May 16 to 18, the 16 people who have reported positive include a woman and 13 men, including a 10-year-old boy and a 17-year-old teenager. All these migrant workers or the people in contact with them are being told.

For the past many days, a large number of workers are coming back from other states. Due to these, the meter of corona has started increasing in the district by accident. The 16 people confirmed as corona on Monday include people from Ojhawalia, Dokti, Dalanchapra, Kevra, Deehwan, Bhagwanpur, Revathi, Bisouli. All are currently isolated for treatment. At the same time arrangements are being made to quarantine those who came in contact with them. Apart from this, the district administration is also considering sealing these villages completely. Such a changed face.

The district was in the Green Zone since the lockdown since May 11. Suddenly a patient appeared and the situation changed. Four days later, when 9 positive cases came together, the situation looked terrible. 8 places in the infected areas were declared as hot spots for safety. After that one of the two patients appeared. If the report had not been coming for the last six days, people were afraid that the corona would not explode suddenly. On the same Monday, the number increased to 30. 16 new Corona positive cases have been found. There were 14 cases in the district from the east. 

Thus, now 30 corona viruses have become positive. They are all from outside. Now new ten hot spots are being built. Four positive cases have been found in Ojhawalia village of Dubhad block. Two positive cases were found in Kevra, Dihwa and Visauli. Apart from this, one positive case has been received from six places. All these positive cases are completely healthy.

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