Ballia: Five more Corona positives found, number of infected 40, five more new hotspots to be built

On Friday, five new Corona positive cases were reported in Ballia district. Meanwhile, out of the 30 patients already admitted, 12 were discharged from the hospital after the second consecutive report came negative. He has been asked to live in Quarantine. Today, after the arrival of five new cases, the total number of patients in the district has increased to 40, out of which 28 cases are now active.

The number of hot spots in the district has also increased to 27 after four new hot spots were announced in the district on Friday. Four out of 40 patients have been sent to Azamgarh Medical College. 12 were sent home and 24 patients are said to be kept in L-1 hospital in Basantpur. Today, all people found positive were sampling on 21 May.

While confirming the five new patients, the District Magistrate Shrihari Pratap Shahi said that a positive case has been reported on Friday at Karammar in Berurbari, one at Shivpur in the same block and Dhanoti. Apart from this, one positive case has been reported in Arauli Pandey Panicha of Maniyar block and one in Shobhachapra of Murali Chapra block.

He told that 20 youths have come from Faridabad to Ballia in Karammar. He was quarantined home. The youth of Shivpur arrived from Pune on May 13 and was also home quarantine. Dhanauti's youth arrived from Pune on May 15 and was home quarantined. The youth of Arauli Pandey Panicha arrived in Ballia from Hapur on May 8. The youth of Shobha Chapra of Murali Chhapra block has come to Ballia from Noida on May 20.

The District Magistrate said that after five new patients received today, four hot spots will increase in the district. He informed that Karammar, Shivpur, Dhanauti and Arauli Pandey Panicha have been declared hot spots. He told that a young man from Shobha Chapra village was found positive on Thursday, so that village is already a hot spot. Now the number of 23 already existing hot spots in the district has increased to 27.

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