Ballia woman fleeing from Delhi, reached colony, escaped from hospital after corona test

Coronavirus Research

Coronavirus Research

There was a stir from village to town after a woman was found corona positive in Nasirpur Panditpura village of Rasra Kotwali area of ​​Ballia district on Thursday. This information was given by Joint Magistrate Vipin Jain and Surveillance In-charge Dr. AK Mishra. With this, the number of corona positive patients in the district has now increased to 14 patients. The health team has admitted the woman to L-1 hospital in Basantpur. Now the number of patients in Basantpur has increased to 13, while one patient is in Azamgarh Medical College.

The woman said that her family used to work in Haryana. Bhai also worked in Haryana. I set out from Haryana to go to the village with my brother. Jamuna Nagar Border missed each other due to congestion near Delhi. My brother reached the village Naseerpur Panditpura on May 16, while I wandered in a truck and reached the township. As soon as I got down from the truck, I got dizzy and fell on the ground.

People from nearby reached the health center. The doctors there informed the Corona investigation team. The Corona team went away with the sample. After this, I sensed that I talked to my brother on mobile. Told him that I am currently in the district hospital of Basti. On receiving the information, a person from the village took me from his car and came to Nasirpur Panditpura village on 17 May.

On the other hand, when the report came in the township on May 21, it was found that the woman is corona positive. After this, when the doctor approached the bed, the woman was missing from the bed. After this there was a stir. The woman had written her address in-law in Ghazipur district police station Nonahara village Paharpur. District Magistrate informed the District Magistrate of Ghazipur.

After this, the District Magistrate Ghazipur sent the Sub Divisional Officer and the Police Police to Paharpur. It was found that the woman had arrived here and reached Nasirpur Panditpura village in her maternal home, Rasra Kotwali area. On receiving this information, Kotwali in-charge inspector Sourav Kumar Rai, Naib Tehsildar Shailesh Kumar reached the spot and after questioning informed the high officials. After this, the woman was admitted to Basantpur L-1 Hospital. His village has been declared a hotspot.

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