Corona chain not breaking in Varanasi, 4 more people report positive, family of four old patients

The corona chain is not breaking in Varanasi. After two days of relief, four more patients reported positive on Saturday. Among the new patients, two people who came positive after coming in contact with the person involved in Tabligi Jamaat are the mother and niece. Two other people are the daughter-in-law and son of a positive eye woman in Lallapura two days ago. Along with these four patients, the number of positive patients in Varanasi has increased to 81.  
At the same time, after reports of eight people including the betel nut business negative, have been declared healthy. Among them, two people are Arjunpur and five people are policemen of Sigra police station in addition to betel nut business of Pitarkunda. Thus, 30 patients have been cured after coming positive from positive. One patient has died. Currently the number of active patients is 50.
According to the district administration, two of the four people reported by the BHU on Saturday were 70-year-old mother and 7-year-old niece of the positive person who came in contact with Jamati. The other two patients belong to the family of a hotelier in Lallapura. The report of Lallapura woman came positive on Wednesday. This was followed by a sampling of people in his family. The woman's 32-year-old daughter-in-law and 42-year-old son positive have been found. Earlier, 120 people were reported for two consecutive days on Thursday and Friday. The administration also breathed a sigh of relief from all the negatives.

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