Demand of special package of one and a half lakh crore for Bihar from Central Government

People from every corner of the country are returning to their home state due to the ongoing captivity throughout the country during Corona virus infection. This includes a large number of daily wage laborers of Bihar. 
According to an estimate, 20 lakh daily wage laborers live in different states of Bihar alone. Now these people have started migrating to their home state.  
Madhav Anand, national general secretary of RLSP believes Bihar's economic situation has worsened due to the closure. Industries are very less in Bihar. About 80 percent of the people still depend on farming. Looking at the current situation of the country, it has been estimated that for at least one year, daily wage workers will not return to work. In such a situation, creating employment for them will be a big challenge for the Bihar government. In such a situation, they believe that the Center should give a special package of one and a half lakh crores to the Government of Bihar.
According to Madhav Anand, nearly 3 lakh people have reached Bihar so far and around 15 to 20 lakh daily wage laborers of the state are still stranded in other states of the country. Later, these people can return to Bihar. In such a situation, it will be a big challenge to provide livelihood in the state. 
He told that according to various state governments, there are one lakh 20 thousand workers of Bihar in Punjab. One lakh 40 thousand in Haryana, 1 lakh 26 thousand in Gujarat, 64 thousand in Uttar Pradesh, 2 lakh 60 thousand in Maharashtra, 98 thousand in Tamil Nadu, 40 thousand in Kerala, 61 thousand in Karnataka, 75 thousand in Rajasthan and two in Delhi. One lakh 40 thousand migrants live in Bihar. He said that this figure is only for registered migrant wages, whereas more than these figures are trapped in different states who want to come back.

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