Light physical activity can improve mental health: 5 exercises to include in your routine

Mental health, especially in the times of the pandemic and the lockdown, has been under immense threat. Anxiety, depression, insomnia, and other mental health disorders are on a rise.

Light physical activity can improve mental health: 5 exercises to include in your routine to ward off anxiety  |  Photo Credit: iStock Images

New Delhi: As mental health suffers  great deal due to the coronavirus pandemic, its effects on lives and livelihood, people are finding it difficult to cope with problems such as depression and anxiety. Exercise has previously been associated with improved mental health, and reduced symptoms of mental health issues. A recent study has also validated the belief and found that even light physical activity can improve mental health.
As physical activity like running to the grocery store, or going to the gate of your housing society to get a cab, etc are reduced, it is important to include some form of exercise in your routine to keep your physical and mental health in check. Here are 5 exercises you must try.
5 exercises to include in your routine for improved mental health
1.   Skipping: Skipping rope is one of the easiest yet effective exercises you can do at home. With barely any equipment, you can burn a huge number of calories. Counting your skips also helps you declutter your mind, and channel your thoughts.
2.   Leg Raises: An exercise you can even do in bed, leg raises help you focus your mind on the count, and therefore help to remove extra thoughts from your mind. You can also try to focus at one point, which will further help you feel better.
3.   Stationary bike: You do not need an elaborate exercise routine for better mental health. Exercises with equipments like the stationary bike can also help. This exercise helps to increase your heart rate temporarily and can help you relieve stress.
4.   Breathing exercises: Breathing exercises can help you focus, and may also help you sleep better. Deep breaths, anulom vilom, etc can help you relieve symptoms of poor mental health.
5.   Shavasana: Shavasana or the Corpse Pose is a Yoga asana, usually practiced at the end of the yoga routine, to calm the body and the mind. It is a very effective exercise to help your body restore energy, and focus your mind on what is actually important and healthy.

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