One year old son and father of BHU scientist also positive, infection found in three new people in Varanasi

In Varanasi, reports of three more people came positive on Sunday. Two of them are from the house of the scientist working in the BHU lab. Scientist's one-year-old son and 66-year-old father report positive. The scientist's son is the youngest Corona patient in Benares. Earlier, the report of the nephew of the drug trader had come back positive. Apart from this, the report of a person coming in contact with Jamati of Madanpura has come positive. With the arrival of three new cases, the number of positive patients in Varanasi has increased to 64. 
The investigation work has been stopped after the report of the scientist working in BHU's Corona Lab comes back positive. Samples of 45 people, including the girl's family members, were sent to KGMU Lucknow. 44 of these reports came on Sunday. Among them, there are five positive and 39 negative reports. Of these, three new positives and two people are already positive. His second report also came positive.
Sampling of all the employees was done after a scientist working at BHU's Corona Lab three days ago suffered a health condition. Only the scientist's report came back positive. After this, the lab was sealed and all the employees were quarantined. Due to the positive report of the scientist, the sampling of his family members was done. The sample was sent to Lucknow after the BHU lab was closed. The report from there has found the scientist's one-year-old son and 66-year-old father positive. Both are being shifted along with the student in the isolation ward of BHU. 
The third positive case is related to the person of Tabligi Jamaat. A new positive case has come from the contact of a 75-year-old man from Madanpura who came in contact with Jamati. Madanpura is already a hotspot. In this way, the number of positive cases related to Jamaat has also increased to 18. 44 reports from KGMU report 16 people who were re-sampled. It has two positives and 14 negatives. There are 4 such people, whose second sample has also come negative. These four people will be released from the hospital today. These four include a 19-year-old boy from Pandehveli and three people from the Jamaat. All four are from Madanpura hotspot. People of these 3 Jamaat will be kept in separate medical quarantine in Shivpur itself. 
Another 10 repeat samples were sent for the first time, which became negative. Now these people will be sent samples again in the second round. If they come back negative again, it will be decided to discharge these people from the hospital too. In this way one died in Benaras and 9 cases were discharged till yesterday. Today 4 more will be discharged. There will now be 50 active corona cases out of a total of 64.

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