Varanasi: Many relief shops including tea, drinks and mobiles will be opened from 10 am to 5 pm from Monday.

Several restrictions are being lifted in Varanasi from May 4 to Monday. Business and commercial establishments along with shops can be opened from 10 am to 5 pm. Tea shops have also been allowed to open with certain conditions. But the sale of tobacco, bidi, cigarette, gutkha, pan masala will be banned. Milk shops will be open from ten to five in addition to seven to eight in the morning.
Malls, hotels, restaurants, chaats, kachori, sweets, coffee houses, fast food, pizza, burger shops will remain banned as before. In rural areas only, highways and state roads will be allowed to open dhabas, restaurants for vehicles and passengers. 
Mobile, sanitary ware, hardware, electrical goods, plumbing shops can also be opened along with essential commodities. Building materials, car and vehicle repair, computer hardware and repair, paper printing shops, book-copy and stationery shops can also be opened. Will be able to. Private offices have also been allowed to open. For this permission will have to be obtained from the authorities concerned.
According to District Magistrate Kaushal Raj Sharma, shops of all essential goods and services under the municipal limits from Monday onwards include medicines, general household ration, cereals, Galla, milk, milk products, vegetables, LPG, CNG, fruits, eggs, general stores. , Animal feed, veterinary, agricultural goods such as seeds, chemicals, flour mill, flour mill, all goods made in bakery, dry food shops can be opened. Along with this, selling and repairing mobile phones, selling and repairing electrical equipment, selling and repairing hardware sanitary items and plumbing equipment, building materials, car and vehicle repairs, computer hardware and repairing, paper printing of up to 5 employees. Shops, school books, stationery shops will be open daily (except Sundays). 
Only the above mentioned shops can be opened in the market or market place or market complex of both municipal and rural areas. In addition to the above three types of places in Municipal Corporation and rural areas, all single shops (same shop at one place), shops inside the colony, shops inside residential premises (gated society, town ship), single trains and others The showrooms can open from 10 am to 5 pm. Even if they are different from the above categories and sell items other than essential items. Tea and betel shops are also included in this type of category. But do not sell tobacco, bidi, cigarettes, gutkha, pan masala and do not allow more than 5 people to gather at your shop simultaneously. Get a social distancing maintenance by drawing a circle or line. 
Private hospitals, government hospitals, pathology labs can all be open 24 hours. The pharmacy and drug store inside them can also be open 24 hours. News paper distribution, media office will be free from all time restrictions. Banks, ATMs, insurance companies, government offices with their designated personnel will open only on the working day at the scheduled time.
Transport, logistics, couriers, warehouses, cold stores, food processing units, mobile companies can be open from 10 am to 5 pm. Supply chain, storage, warehouse, transport office of all types of shops and establishments can also be open from 10 am to 5 pm. Vehicles associated with all types of shops, mandis and establishments, raw materials or distribution vehicles have also been exempted from operation. 
All liquor shops and model shops will open from 10 am to 7 pm in both urban and rural areas in the district. Drinking liquor by prohibiting customers will be prohibited at these stores. Wine bars will not open. At liquor shops, shopkeepers will have to follow social distancing particularly strictly. Liquor shopkeepers must contact the District Excise Officer and Excise Inspectors before opening a shop and find out in which areas it is permissible to open liquor shops and in which areas are prohibited. 
Home delivery of all kinds of essential commodities and rationing, vegetables, milk, gas can be done in the street, carts, sales through vehicles can be done up to 5 pm all seven days a week. Apart from Galla Mandi Vishweshwarganj and Daiwa Mandi Saptasagar, if there is any other or medicine market, then they can also open 50 percent shops daily from 9 am to 3 pm with daily restriction. The roster of minimum 50 percent shops will be decided by the trade association itself.
It will be the personal responsibility of each shopkeeper to draw a round mark or paved line at a distance of 2 yards outside the shop and maintain a minimum of 2 yards of social distancing among the customers. If a shopkeeper is unable to do so, his shop will be sealed for the next 15 days. 
Permission has to be taken to start production of all types of industrial units in rural areas of the district. For this, the Deputy Commissioner, District Industries Center will have to apply on the prescribed format. Earlier this system was implemented only for industrial units connected with essential commodities. In urban areas also, industries connected with information technology, software etc. will also have to take permission.
Permission from Additional District Magistrate Administration will also be required for opening various types of offices in the urban area. All types of construction activities in rural areas can begin with the terms of social distancing. Construction in urban areas will be approved only when there is a system of keeping workers there. For this, permission has to be obtained from the Additional District Magistrate Administration. 
Separate passes will not be issued for any of the above arrangements. When any person has a proper reason, then get out of his house. Carry with you sufficient proof of your business or work and photo ID card. Similarly, the owners of goods carrier vehicles should also keep all the evidence related to the use of the vehicle with them so that it can be presented to the checking authorities during the inquiry. 
Spitting in the open is completely banned in the district. Also, it will be necessary for every person to follow the rules of social distancing of 2 yards at shops, work places and everywhere and to keep their face covered with masks, skins or clothes. If no one is able to do this, serious action will be taken by registering an FIR against him.

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