Varanasi: Positive young man reached bike station with friend, created a stir

On Sunday evening in Varanasi, a youth came to Cholapur police station with his friend and complained that people of his village Jagdishpur (Giri Basti) were calling him Corona positive. Sentry stationed in the police station asked his name, then his senses flew away. It turned out that he is really positive and the police team has gone to his village to pick him up. 

On the other hand, when the police reached his house, it was known that he had gone out to play cricket. By that time people had known but the young man was not aware of his positive. While playing cricket, information about his positive was also reached. He had reached the police station to complain about this. Police immediately made the young man stand outside the police station and inform the authorities. The police asked him to stay home quarantined. Two youths of Jagdishpur village have been found corona positive. The 29-year-old youth came to Varanasi by auto from Mumbai. While working as a painter in Mumbai, a 24-year-old youth worked as an MR in Mumbai. Varanasi came by train.

Thence According to the Sevapuri representative, the youth came to his home from Mumbai, Kurla, on 14 May in Khobhar village of Kapasethi police station area. He drives an auto in Mumbai. As soon as the information was received, there was a stir in the village. SO Kapsethi Ramesh Ram reached the village with the police force and there was chaos in the people. The young man from village Haribhanpur (Khobhar) came from Mumbai on 14 May with his family and companions. He drives an auto in Mumbai. After reaching home, the youth along with the family underwent thermal screening at Sevapuri, the primary health center. It was normal at that time. On 16 May, when his health worsened, he went for an ambulance checkup. He came home after being examined there. After this, there was a quarantine. The medical team took him by ambulance to Varanasi as soon as the report came positive on Sunday night. The young man was living alone on the trail located in the garden. On Saturday, he was back with the family at the old house. The police has sealed the village. About 50 people came from Mumbai with this young man's family. Some of them were Bhadohi and some people of Akodha and some villages of Kapsethi police station area. 


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