Varanasi: Time to open vegetable markets changed again, ban on opening of Lamhi mandi

In view of the demand of vegetable shopkeepers, jobbers and farmers, the time to open vegetable mandis has been changed again. Now vegetable mandis can be opened from three o'clock in the night to eight in the morning. Earlier, their time from Sunday was given from eight in the morning to two in the afternoon. Which was constantly opposed. Pahadia Mandi will open from 12 to 6 in the night as before.

At the same time, Lamhi Sabzi Mandi will again have to bear the brunt of the lockdown violation. The market is banned from opening for the next two days. A decision will be taken two days later. Five accused in Mandi and 30-40 unidentified persons have also been booked on charges of lockdown violation and spreading the disease by messing up public spaces.

According to the District Magistrate, the time of Varanasi's Bhojubir, Panchkoshi, Chandua Satti, Sundarpur, Nuwav, Ramnagar Chowk has been changed from three to 8 in the morning. Pahadia Mandi will be open from 12 to 6 in the morning at its predetermined time. Instructions have been given to follow social distancing in all mandis. 

The District Magistrate said that the Station Officer of Shivpur has been directed to visit the site after talking to the vegetable vendors of Mehta Nagar and decide how to handle it. On Monday, 5 accused of Lamhi Sabzi Mandi and 30-40 unidentified persons have been booked for violating the lockdown and trying to spread the disease by doing dirt in public place. Unknown people will be identified by watching the video. 

The opening of this market has been banned for two days. Even earlier, the market has been closed for seven days due to not following social distancing. If the agents here give a written assurance of not following the social distancing and violating the rules by taking responsibility here in future, then the mandi will be considered open after two days.

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