Sunday, June 28, 2020

Warrior of 1962, 65, 71, and Kavart Group Founder Shiv Narayan Singh is Passed Away

Ballia: "Our fundamental belief is that for us growth is a way of life and we have to grow at all times." This simple philosophy fashioned the destiny of Shiv Narayan Singh, who passed away in his native place Karan Chhapra, Ballia on June 25 at 12.30 pm due to heart attack. 
Kavart Group Founder Shiv Narayan Singh

The son of a Uttar Pradesh, Ballia, Karan Chhapra Army man who went on to become the founder-patriarch of Kavart Group. The ''darshan and homage'' ceremony took place at the Shiv residence at Karan Chhapra, Ballia, on June 25 and was cremated at Mahuli Crematorium near Ganga river at 7.30 pm the same day.

The legend of Shiv Narayan Singh dates back to 1975 when he took VRS from Army and joined one of the prestigious institute named, Indian School of Mines (ISM), Dhanbad and after giving his full service there, he moved back to his native place Ballia and was fully devoted to make society healthy and wealthy. In very short span of time, his name become famous and counted in prestigious and renowned in society and a dream to start his own group of companies. In the next 20 years, he created a world-scale online Media house company, and Software Company. Shiv Narayan Singh's genius lay in spotting business opportunities and then striking quickly. Old colleagues say that he exhorted them to "think big, think fast and think ahead".

For a man who packed more into a lifetime than most business empires do in centuries, Shiv Narayan Singh still felt he had more to achieve.

Shiv Narayan Singh, messiah of the villagers, was 89 years old and died with his boots on. Shiv Narayan Singh was born in Karan Chhapra village in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh. At 18, joined defence Army (BSF) and fought 1962, 65, and 71 war against Pakistan, China, and Bangladesh.

Returns to Ballia and done lots of development for his society and conferred by lots of feather. Singh, started Media House named Kavart Media is an online news platform which is most readable in Indian Metro cities, USA, UK, Gulf Countries, and Asian Countries. Starts Software Company in Delhi-NCR that caters domestic and international renowned clients and became very renowned brand in IT domain.

From two work forces, Kavart Group today has more than 100 work forces all across, are working directly and indirectly with Group. Suffers a stroke; sons Jitendra and Kavindra are entrusted with greater responsibilities to diversify Kavart Group ahead.

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